Photo of the organisation of the PESSAH in Marseille in 2024 showing the caterers JOHN'S TRAITEUR and the CACHEROUT from the BETH DIN in Marseille. In this photo you can see the GOLDEN TULIP hotel with its swimming pool and deckchairs on the side, there are also palm trees on the right of the photo and a view of the buildings behind the hotel The sky is lit up and on the fašade there is the hotel logo.
Info / Booking :
Tel : +33 6 14 06 19 22
Reception room at the GOLDEN TULIP hotel in Marseille where we can see 2 customers arriving and leaving, and 2 employees working on their computers. There are 3 decorative straw chandeliers, the floor is parquet and the walls are white. A woman pushing a trolley with her suitcase, wearing a black dress. A man in a white shirt arrives, at the back on the left there is a door and flower bouquettes behind the employees. There's a plant on the counter in the middle on the right. And the employees are women